M - Boyz in the Hood (Ricky) T Shirt

High Quality Organic Cotton Vapor Apparel T shirt

  • High Quality: White, Super-Soft Silky Vapor Apparel T-Shirts
  • Vibrant, Full Color, High-Resolution Sublimation Prints
  • Complete Coverage: Neck To Waist & Sleeve To Sleeve

silk cotton fabric has a soft hand-feel and a sturdy, silken drape, along with a versatility that makes it suitable for an extended variety of garment uses. Silk/cotton fabric is durable enough to be machine washed and hung dry, but dry cleaning is recommended.


Ricky and Tre later encounter Ferris and the Bloods. Doughboy, upon seeing Ferris and his fellow Bloods roll up on the block, senses that Tre and Ricky are in trouble, and rushes to their defense. Ricky and Tre cut through back alleys and separate to avoid them, but the Bloods find Ricky and shoot him once in the leg, followed by one fatal shot to the back.



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